Digico Quantum 225

Quantum 225 brings a 17-inch, 1000 nit, high brightness multitouch screen with both a meter bridge and soft quick select buttons for quick and intuitive operation. 41 individual TFT LCDs displaying channel information and metering, bank information, macros and more guide you immediately to the controls you need. Plus, 25 100mm touch sensitive faders in two banks of 12 plus a dedicated user-assignable master fader with high resolution metering.

But there’s more… The defining feature of the Quantum 225 is the ability to customise the left worksurface with the Mounting Bracket. Mount a laptop for creative control, or a KLANG:kontroller for immersive control. You could even mount an extra screen to show your KLANG:app, plugin computer, console overview screen, or it could even display the channel screen for your left bank of faders, transforming your Quantum 225 into a dual screen console at an unbelievable price point!

With a maximum of 72 input channels with 36 busses and a 12 x 12 matrix, all with full channel processing, Quantum 225 brings Quantum to a wider user base. Also included as standard are Mustard Processing channel strips, Spice Rack plugin style native FPGA processing options, Nodal Processing and True Solo.

We can supply various DMI cards with the Digico 225, for whatever your requirements.


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