Sennheiser EWD

Whether you’re the tech or the talent, its user-friendly, streamlined design makes it perfect for professional music and business applications alike. Evolve your event with accurate sound capture from a renowned dynamic microphone capsule. Its exceptional off-axis rejection and high SPL handling capability delivers total clarity across digital UHF transmission.

That means reliable connection up to 300ft, an extended 56MHz bandwidth, and scalability up to 90 channels. Each EW-D SKM-S has been designed for ultra-low latency, too. So even when you’re using multiple devices in your signal chain, you’ll never have to worry about your performance feeling unnatural. Just connect and enjoy up to eight hours operation time via AA battery power, or up to twelve hours with the optional Lithium Ion battery pack.

Maximise workflow with a receiver that lets you adjust parameters on the spot. Control gain-staging, system monitoring, and more, directly from the EW-D EM, or make changes from the best seat in the house with the dedicated Smart Assist app. That means less focus on the details, and more time for your craft. It’s like having an engineer in your pocket.

We can supply EW-D in many different configurations, from Sennheiser, DPA or sE Electronics capsules. Body worn or handheld transmitters you name it, we’ve got it!


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