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PA System Hire in Dorset


Bassline Beats provide all your audio visual requirements for PA Hire. We offer the best sound system hire equipment the industry has to offer! We can supply mics, amps, mixers, speakers… all you need for any live performance.

We are very proud of the service we supply in Dorset and the surrounding areas and also cover the entire UK so get in touch now for all your sound equipment hire requirements.

Our team of experts is here to assist you with any questions you may have while searching for PA system rental, sound and lighting equipment for hire.

Here are a few examples of the top-notch sound equipment we provide for hire:

Choose from a variety of high-quality microphones, including dynamic mics, condenser mics, wireless mics, and specialty mics for specific applications.

Enjoy powerful and dependable amplification with our range of professional-grade amplifiers, designed to deliver clean and consistent sound reproduction.

Take charge of your sound with our selection of mixing consoles, offering multiple channels, built-in effects, equalisers, and precise control over audio levels.

Elevate your event with crystal-clear audio using our premium speakers. We offer various options, including portable PA systems, line arrays, subwoofers, and monitor speakers.

Sound Equipment
Enhance your sound with our professional sound equipment for hire in Dorset.

Our professional team can guide you with any questions you may have when looking for PA rental, sound and lighting equipment for hire in Dorset.

Please take a look at the high grade equipment we have in stock to hire either as a dry hire package or with an engineer. Don’t hesitate to CONTACT us with any questions or advice you need.

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